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The journey of the future begins in Cadiz and ends in Toulouse

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23/Jan/2019 | Blog

This week, a surgical engineering transfer operation was carried out to send the Hyperloop Transportation Technologies (HyperloopTT) capsule to the American company’s research and development centre in Toulouse for final testing of the ultra-fast train prototype.

This trip to the sustainable mobility of the future starts in El Puerto de Santa María, in the R+D plant of Airtificial. The Company used more than 30,000 hours of work to make tangible an idea: the development, manufacture and assembly of a capsule capable of traveling at more than 1,200 kilometers per hour in a vacuum tube using the magnetic levitation technique and driven magnetic inductors. Now, it has worked for a month in preparing and executing a very complex transfer from the logistic point of view. Airtificial provided its El Puerto plant with two high-precision cranes for the transfer of complex structures and more than fifty operators to prepare the entire process and fit the Hyperloop capsule in a special transport truck and conditioned for this complicated transfer. The two major difficulties of this shipment lie in the size and weight of the capsule and the transport itself and the handling of the capsule made of carbon fiber with integration of intelligent sensors.

The capsule is an intelligent structure, equipped with 72 sensors strategically distributed in its interior to know its mechanical and dynamic behavior. The sensors work through fiber optic technology. These sensors have a series of characteristics that make them an appropriate material for composites; they can measure very high levels of deformation, they are capable of measuring temperature from -268C to +200C. In addition, they have a high sensitivity, being able to measure any type of disturbance that occurs in time.

The sensors form what are called chains of sensors and it is possible to monitor multiple sensors in series using only one connecting line, obtaining a sampling frequency practically in real time.

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