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On the importance of communication in the company

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4/Jun/2019 | Blog

Our Councillor Ladislao Azcona opened, Thursday 30 May, the second day of the International Airtificial Week with the conference entitled “Business Communication, the secret tool” that has given in a packed auditorium of the Confederation of Employers of Cadiz.

Azcona has focused his speech on two aspects; the importance of putting communication at the service of a company’s business and the ability of companies to adapt to the technological and informative reality in which we live.

“Communication is a very relevant aspect for a company, thanks to it we are able to tell what we are, to pack what we do, to present ourselves to others, to create pride of belonging in the employees, that the employees of a company are the first sellers of the company, allows us to have solid attributes to break with the general distrust that has been installed in the world of business,” said our counselor. Azcona added: “The media has changed in an extraordinary way, an example of which is the President of the United States, Donald Trump, has stopped giving press conferences and his only way of communicating with the world is to launch five daily tuits. It’s true that politics was always ahead in the use of the media, but somehow we must be able to translate these changes to the communication of companies”.

The second aspect he referred to at the conference was the ability of companies to adapt to change. In this sense, Azcona said: “Nowadays being an entrepreneur is very difficult, financing has to be sought by other means, a clear example are the Startups. In the last year, more than 3,000 technology-based startups have been created in Spain, which go out to a very saturated market, with very few financing channels. 93% of this funding comes from families”.

Azcona explains that all these companies have in their hands a fundamental tool to progress as is communication. “It allows us to analyze similar experiences in other companies, their successes and failures, in order to get our projects out and be able to tell the market”. To conclude, Azcona stressed the importance that companies have to be alive and in continuous process of change to remain competitive and be at the forefront, as is Airtificial.

As you well know, at Airtificial we celebrated our first International Week, from Wednesday 29 May to Sunday 2 June, in El Puerto de Santa María (Cádiz) with the aim of making the Company’s plans and projects known to our shareholders, investors, analysts, etc., as well as to reinforce the pride of belonging of the more than one thousand people who make up this great group. Around one hundred of our executives, representing the more than one thousand employees spread over three continents (America, Europe and Asia), will act as hosts.

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