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Communication channels between the company and its shareholders

Shareholders may address any request for information to the personal attention of the Chairman or the Chief Executive Officer, and will be attended to immediately.

The request may be made by post to 28001 Madrid, General Díaz Porlier 49, or to the e-mail address .

Airtificial will inform by any technical, computer or telematic means. If the shareholder so requests, it will provide the information in printed form.

In accordance with the law, up to the fifth day prior to the date set for the holding of the Meeting, shareholders may request any information or clarification they deem necessary regarding the matters included on the agenda, or formulate in writing any questions they deem pertinent. They may also request information or clarifications, or ask questions in writing, about the publicly available information that the Company has provided to the CNMV since the last General Meeting, and about the auditor’s report.

During the Meeting, shareholders may verbally request information or clarification regarding the items on the agenda, the information accessible to the public that the company has provided to the National Securities Market Commission since the last General Meeting and the auditor’s report. If it is not possible to provide them at the time, the information shall be provided in writing within seven days following the end of the Meeting.

Contact information

C/ General Díaz Porlier, 49, 28001 Madrid-España