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DACOMAT project

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Airtificial, through its division of Civil Works and integrating a consortium formed by twelve entities (Universities, Research Centers and Companies) of first European level coming from Norway, Denmark, United Kingdom, Belgium and Spain, has been awarded the Project of the European Union Dacomat (Damage Controlled Composite Materials).

The main objective of Dacomat is to develop greater tolerance to damage (both predictable and unpredictable) to composite structures, by monitoring the sensorized structure, thus resulting in lower production costs. This project focuses mainly on those parts used in large load-bearing constructions such as bridges, buildings, wind turbines, blades and offshore structures. The solutions achieved will allow composite structures to be designed and manufactured with a certain tolerance previously known and calculated, allowing a drastic reduction in the need for excessive quality controls and therefore reducing production costs, while maintaining the necessary service features.

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