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Test benches

Before their final integration into the aircraft, the different systems or equipment must be fully tested as a unit. The test benches developed by Airtificial create a simulated HW and SW environment that faithfully represents the conditions that the equipment under test will find in the real environment, generating the necessary feeding conditions, ventilation and interfaces between the different real and/or simulated equipment that make up the system. The functional test protocols to be executed on the bench are created and managed by Labview-based software, capable of allowing the user to manage the signals involved without having to configure the signal acquisition/generation cards directly.

In addition to its expertise in mechanical and electrical benches that integrate both electronic and software modules, Airtificial has developed hydraulic and pneumatic test benches that involve working with fluids such as fuels or skydrol, controlling solenoid valves through PLCs or ensuring operability in adverse environmental conditions or even explosive atmospheres (ATEX).