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Automation and Development of new sensorized composites

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In recent years there have been great advances in the development of intelligent materials with application in many sectors. In the scope of this project it is intended on the one hand to develop new composites that incorporate sensor elements and can provide added value in their area of use. On the other hand, it is expected to incorporate automation elements in the development of these new materials.

Within the development and incorporation of sensor elements in composites, it is intended to use temperature sensors, pressure sensors, fiber optic light guides and even the incorporation of sensors in potentially organic elements.

The process automation stage, in part, cannot be separated from the development of sensor elements. For the industrial manufacture of these materials, is critical to have an automated process. Within the framework of this project process automation at the design level will be addressed, demonstrating that it is possible to automate the developed materials, consequently making it feasible to pass them on to further industrial development.