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Information for the General Shareholders' Meeting

By law, shareholders representing at least three per cent of company capital may request, within five days after the publication of the notice, the publication of an attachment in which points may be added to the agenda. In this case, the notification attachment must be published fifteen days prior to the date of the meeting.

Up to the seventh day prior to the meeting, shareholders may request information,or clarification about matters covered in the agenda, or may submit any written questions they deem relevant.  They may also request information or clarifications, or submit written inquiries, regarding information available to the public that the company had provided to the CNMV since the last General Meeting.

During the general meeting, shareholders may verbally request information or clarification regarding matters on the agenda. If it is not possible to answer the question at that time, the information will be provided in writing within seven days after the conclusion of the meeting.

Mailed communications should be sent to: General Diaz Porlier 49, 28001 Madrid; by telephone at No. +34 911 211 700; by e-mail 

Airtificial will provide information by computer or telephone. Printed information is available upon request.

Proof of ownership of shares, right to attend the Meeting, exercise or delegation of voting rights

Proof of ownership of shares and exercise of the right to attend:

To attend the meeting will be accurately anticipated shareholder legitimacy. It is understood in any case legitimized who have shares registered in its name (at least in the amount indicated above) in accounting, five days before the holding of the meeting. Accredited standing, the company will provide shareholders with an attendance card. The card may also be issued by companies and brokers. The company considered legitimate partner endowed with attendance card issued by the same, provided that the document registration is asserting in the accounting record five days prior to the date and the number of registered shares (equal to or greater than 300 ). To access the local headquarters of the joint must be delivered and the attendance card wizard credited identity.

Exercise of voting rights:

Exhausted the round of speeches and answered clarifications or information requested in those, the matter shall be put to a vote. They must be voted separately on matters that are substantially independent rule shall apply in particular to the appointment, ratification, re-election or removal of directors, which will be voted on individually, and amendments to statutes, which will be voted separately for each item or group articles relating to the same subject. First the proposal made by the board will be voted. If it does not secure a majority, the alternatives have been offered interventions. The President will decide in each case the voting system based on the number of participants and other circumstances. You will be requesting that the vote be expressed against and abstentions, and deducting as votes for the other, or vice versa, but always so that it is determined, at least the number of shares for which votes have been issued valid, the proportion of share capital represented by those votes, the total number of valid votes, the number of votes for and against each resolution and, where applicable, the number of abstentions. The President may be assisted by tellers to verify the result of the vote. At the time of voting there will be no interventions to explain it. When the representative holds proxies from several shareholders may cast votes in different directions based on the instructions given by each of them. Likewise, those acting on their own behalf but on behalf of many others, splitting the vote, so that the same person entitled to vote can do so in a sense to a part of the actions for which appears be allowed legitimized and in different direction with respect to one or more other parties. The President shall announce the result of voting.

Proxy voting:

Under the law and the statutes of Airtificial, any shareholder entitled to attend may be represented at the General Meeting by another person, even if not a shareholder. The representation must be granted in writing, or by means of distance communication, in either case, specifically for each meeting. When the proxy solicitation is made publicly, the document evidencing shall contain or have attached the agenda, as well as the request for instructions for exercising the right to vote and the indication of how the representative will vote in If no specific instructions are given. When the representative is the spouse, ancestor or descendant of the represented, or when one holds a general power conferred by public document with powers to administer all the assets of the represented in national territory, will not be enforceable restrictions of the previous two paragraphs. A shareholder who has given his representation may revoke it at any time. The personal attendance to the Board have the value of revocation. For attendance by means of distance communication shall be made by mail, electronic, or other means of remote communication, which must be received by the Company before 20:00 of the first working day before (Saturday excluded ) to the date of holding the Meeting on first call. He represented the identity of delegating their vote by electronic signature or transmitting image reproducing identification will be credited. Forms that can be used to vote by proxy will be delivered or sent to shareholders upon request at the registered office or at the website . They will be delivered or sent by post on paper or electronically, if preferred by the applicant.

Remote voting at General Meetings

Shareholders can exercise their right to vote en absentia through mail, email, or any other means of distance communication.  The voter needs simply to indicate his or her vote for each of the agenda items on which he or she desires to vote. However, it is necessary that the correspondence be received by the company no later than 20:00 hours on the first business day (excluding Saturdays) before the meeting and that the identity of the voter verified by a known electronic signature or by a transmitted image of a valid ID.

Shareholders who wish to exercise their right to vote en absentia must confirm their right to vote prior to doing so by fulfilling the same requirements they would have to meet if they were attending the meeting.

Personal appearance or representation at the general meeting shall serve as revocation of an en absentia vote.

The forms can be used for remote voting will be delivered or sent to shareholders upon request at the registered office or by email to They will be delivered or sent by post on paper or electronically, if preferred by the applicant.

Information on the development of General Meetings