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Highly Technological Company

Airtificial Intelligent Robots is commited to the integration of the latest technologies

Data acquisition and treatment

Adquisición de datos y tratamiento

Very important internal project to develop all bases for traceability, data management, data analysis and trends to use artificial intelligence algorithms. Our vision is to develop projects with the capacity to detect faults not in the parts but in the process, so be able to reduce our customers CAPEX needed keeping the same or better quality.

Robots and Cobots

Internal project to develop continuously different initiatives regarding training, partnership projects to develop critical processes, advance debug phase of some projects, trials and showrooms.

Artificial vision

This technology could be mixed inside operative projects and Robots but we have identified this internal activity to develop some specific solutions regarding vision. Be able to test different wavelength lights depending of the materials, develop functions for Coordinates transformation matrix to correlate cartesian movements from different devices in the same project and a large number of initiatives that we are introducing due the constant technology movement.


AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality) are technologies that could be applied in early phases of the project and also in late phases. Each phase has its different purpose that is covered by the technology. Also, we are using Digital Simulation software to assure that the concept we are planning will fulfill customer expectations regarding cycle time, availability and production to achieve the OEE.