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Highly Technological Company

Airtificial Intelligent Robots is commited to the integration of the latest technologies

At Airtificial Intelligent Robots, as a highly technological company, research and development are a critical part of our activity. Constant innovation is one of the key strategies for the company and this is why we invest over 3% of sales in R&D.


Macro engineered equipment undertakes made to measure solutions to solve assembly processes, from palletized lines (with automatic or manual assemblies) to lean systems (based on independent– standalone – stations), from large-scale lines for complex assemblies (integrating robots and manipulating devices) to revolving machines for more simple processes.

Our experience in testing also means that we can provide complete solutions, including checking the different stages of the assembly and functional tests which guarantee that the parts supplied to the customer have “zero defects”, with parts traceability systems that ensure this and operating software for subsequent control and analysis.

Specialization in mechatronic products (mechanical-electronic) is the result of a combination of mechanical design and measuring and control system capacities with that of analysis software.

Vast experience in assembly operations like pressing, staking, fastening, greasing, soldering, machine vision and robot integration, just to name a few.

Tests technologies


In production, we have developed complete test lines, with automatic test stations for complex and active parts, with the design of systems for automatic coupling on axles, automatic connection and part or pallet identification for traceability.

In other applications, the stand alone concept makes more flexible systems possible which adapt to growth in production, thus reducing the cost of equipment for countries with more economical labor costs and allowing for more dynamic factory layouts (part transfers of production, increased or reduced production, partial technical stoppages, etc.).


For laboratories, over two decades supplying fatigue, vibration and characteristics benches speaks for itself in the development of “turnkey” test equipment using the latest measuring technology, proven experience in data acquisition and analysis and in actuation (rotary and linear actuators ) and control systems.

The vast range of developed equipment includes several testing products and various types of tests. At Airtificial Intelligent Robots, quality also means strict adherence to technical confidentiality.

Data Acquisition & Analysis

We have a technical team with a lot of experience in developing applications for data acquisition, processing and analysis for product validation.

  • Line Monitoring
  • Test Applications
  • Noise, Vibration and (NVH)
  • Measurement Applications
  • Traceability Applications
  • Data Logger – Multiple Channels
  • Data acquisition System
  • Vision Applications
  • Special Applications

Among these applications we include vibration and noise (NVH) tests as well as standard automotive communication protocols used for the testing of mechatronic components incorporating an ECU (LIN, CAN, FlexRay). Development of solutions for traceability of components and products including ‘line monitoring’. Our programmers are certified as ‘CLA’ Certified Labview Architecture.

R&D Projects

– Artificial Intelligence and Data Acquisition – Industrial and collaborative Robots – Artificial vision systems – Design simulation and validation – Problem-solving and continuous improvement methodologies