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What's the ticker on Airtificial's stock?

The symbol or ticker is AI

What is the share capital of Airtificial?

The Share Capital is 131.898.010,4 €

What do I have to do to buy Airtificial shares?

The acquisition of the shares of the companies in the Continuous Market is carried out through the SIBE platform (Spanish Stock Exchange Interconnection System). You will have to go to your bank or broker and there manage the acquisition of Airtificial titles.

Where can I find Airtificial's financial information?

Information on financial results can be found on the Airtificial website under “Financial Information” in the section on investors.

How many shares must I have to attend and vote at the Shareholders' Meetings?

In order to be present and, therefore, to exercise the right to vote at both ordinary and extraordinary Shareholders’ Meetings, it is necessary to hold at least one share or share on the day the Meeting is held.

Where can I see the Relevant Facts?

The Relevant Facts are published on Airtificial’s website within the investors section and at the same time they are published on the website of the Comisión Nacional del Mercado de Valores.

How can I contact Airtificial's investor service department?

You can contact with the Inverstor Attention Department as follows:

  • Email: