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Europe chooses Airtificial to investigate intelligent composite materials

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13/Dec/2019 | Blog

The European Union has launched the Horizon 2020 project to compete in the global market for the development of intelligent composite materials. And from among the many European technologies they have selected Airtificial to be part of the aforementioned project for the development of an artificial intelligence technology for the mass production of sensorized composite materials. Airtificial will have a budget for the project of about 300.000 euros and will start to implement it from 2 January 2020.

The aim of the project is to develop tools for manufacturing composite material structures equipped with sensors and artificial intelligence capacity for real-time monitoring of the most representative variables of the curing and polymerisation process.

The information supplied by the intelligent technology is recorded by sensors and robotic vision, emitted to a data centre in the factory and analysed by machine learning, which provides the ability to improve processes, optimise manufacturing cycles and therefore reduce industrial costs.

One of the main objectives of the programme is to raise the level of excellence in European basic science and to ensure a constant flow of quality research in order to guarantee Europe’s long-term competitiveness. The H2020 project is framed in three pillars, contributes to address the main societal challenges, promotes industrial leadership in Europe and reinforces the excellence of its scientific base.

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