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Airtificial’s robot rings the bell in the Bag

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25/Nov/2018 | Noticia

  • A collaborative Airtificial robot, called Aibell, rings the bell on the Madrid Stock Exchange parquet as an example of the Company’s industrial technological capacity.
  • Inypsa, which after concluding its merger process by absorption of Carbures has changed its name to Airtificial, will continue to trade under a new ticker: AI.

Airtificial approaches a new stage as a world reference company in artificial intelligence and new materials for the aerospace, automotive and civil works industries.
Madrid, 26 November 2018. Aibell, the robot of Airtificial, has starred today, in the Madrid Stock Exchange, the act of ringing the bell of the Company. This is the first time that an automaton has carried out this action on the Spanish Stock Exchange. Inypsa changes its name and, after concluding its merger process by absorption of Carbures, it is now called Airtificial and listed with a new ticker: AI. Airtificial has a free float of around 40 percent. The company needed a name that recognized its new positioning as a technological company of artificial intelligence with adn of industry 4.0, based on collaborative robots, sensorized structures and the respective developments of applied engineering.

Aibell accompanied Airtificial’s president, Rafael Contreras, on the parquet of the Madrid Stock Exchange today at the ringing of the bell. Contreras stated that “Airtificial is the strategic partner to embrace the current technological revolution because it helps human beings to integrate with new technological processes”.

Airtificial emerges with a clear strategy as an artificial intelligence company that provides technological and engineering solutions through its knowledge in composite materials, collaborative robotics and sensorized structures in the sectors of Aeronautics and Defense, Robotics, Mobility and Civil Works. The Company has around one thousand professionals, with more than 50 percent of them dedicated to design and engineering, with a presence in 14 countries on three continents: America, Asia and Europe. Airtificial will focus its operational strategy on giving a strong boost to its organic growth, improving the profitability of programs already under development, such as the Hyperloop Transportation Technologies (HTT) train.

The company will have a free float on the stock market of around 40 percent, which allows for a high volume of trading and provides a high capacity for the share to travel. Inypsa already has a high volume of share exchanges, with a daily average in 2018 of around 2,000,000 shares per day.

Airtificial has an experienced and highly specialised management team. The president of Airtificial is the founder and president of the extinct Carbures, Rafael Contreras; the vice-president, Javier Martín, former CEO of Tecnocom; the CEO is Borja Martínez-Laredo, former director of UBS in Spain; and the financial director is Jorge Moreno, former financial director of Carbures.

Airtificial has a stable group of shareholders, which is committed to sustainable growth and increased profitability, and a solid financial policy that will allow it to tackle new challenges.

Description of the four business lines

Airtificial offers its own technological solutions through four lines of business:

  • Intelligent Robots: focused on the design and integration of cutting-edge technology in assembly, test and test lines (steering systems, seats, mechanism, safety systems, braking systems, transmission and electrical/electronic units), incorporating its own unique solutions such as artificial vision or collaborative robotics.
  • Aerospace & Defense: the division specialises in the manufacture of carbon fibre parts and other composite materials, engineering services and aircraft systems development.
  • Civil Works: the division develops both products and own patents and focuses its activity in the areas of: Oil & Gas Engineering, off-shore platforms, supervision and management of ECP projects, application of composites in civil works and architecture and industrialization of corrugated bars.
  • Mobility: business line specialised in the manufacture of carbon fibre parts for different TIER1. Airtificial has the capacity for the design and development of its own products, the application of technology and the industrialisation of long and short series products.


Origin of Airtificial

In April, Carbures and Inypsa announced their intention to merge after the agreement reached by the controlling shareholders of both companies to form a cutting-edge Spanish technological-industrial group, with high growth expectations as a result of the new strategic positioning in attractive projects and markets, with a consolidated and diversified business model both by sectors and by regions, with notable operational and geostrategic synergies and with the aim of positioning itself as a world reference in artificial intelligence. Inypsa successfully completed the merger process by absorption of Carbures, which was listed on the MAB, giving rise to the new company: Airtificial.

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