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Rafael Contreras

Rafael Contreras

Founder and President

Founder and President of AIRTIFICIAL, he has a PhD in Social Sciences from the University of Cadiz, an economist from the same University, and an Executive in Management & Leadership from MIT.

For 20 years he has founded and promoted technology-based companies in different sectors such as CARBURES, of which he was President until the birth of Airtificial, or Bionaturis biotechnology, of which he was Director for 12 years. In 2014 he refounded Torrot, turning the legendary brand into electric and sustainable vehicles. In 2016 he integrates Torrot into MUVING, a mobility ecosystem present in more than 50 countries, of which he is founder and President. In the same year, with the dean of Silicon Valley, Western Technologies refounded Skully, in which as President he managed to bring to the market in 2018 the world’s first intelligent augmented reality helmet.

He has received numerous awards including the Most International Minded European Small and Midcap Award granted to Carbures by the European Community, and the Muving Award as the most innovative Start up of the year 2017, granted by OMEXPO.

Other boards of directors to which he belongs:

  • Board of Torrot Electric Europa S.A.
  • Vice-Chairman and Director of GamersWalk S.L.
  • Chairman and Director of Muving Ecosystem S.L.

Other remunerated activities: none.

Category: dominical.

Shareholder represented or with whom it has links: Rafcon Economist, S.L., Neuer Gedanke, S.L. and Capri Global Investments, S.L.

Date of first appointment: 20 November 2018

Company shares, and options thereon, held: the director indirectly holds 49,631,679 shares (5.16%), through Neuer Gedanke, S.L. 8,441,636 shares (0.877%); Rafcon Economist, S.L. 5,409 shares (0.001%) and Capri Global Investments, S.L. 41,184,634 shares (4.278%).

Borja Martínez-Laredo

Borja Martínez-Laredo

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

With a degree in Economics and Business Studies from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, an Executive MBA from the Instituto de Empresa Business School (IE) and a General Management Program (PDG) from the IESE Business School, Martínez-Laredo has more than twenty years of work experience in the financial and business sectors. In addition to his professional career as director of UBS, Martínez-Laredo has served as Director of Large Wealths and Institutions at Capital at Work, a wealth management company now called Value Tree, and as Director of CCS (a company linked to the management of healthcare material).

In 2015, he was appointed by UBS Key Talent and in 2016 member of the Circle of Excellence, an award granted by the Swiss bank UBS to top performers worldwide.

Other boards of directors to which he belongs:

  • Chief Executive Officer of Martínez Laredo, S.A.
  • Director of Papego Inversiones SICAV, S.A.

Other remunerated activities: none.

Category: Executive.

Shareholder whom it represents or with whom it has links: none.

Date of first appointment: 20 November 2018.

Company shares, and options thereon, held: direct holder of 432,895 shares (0.04%).

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Javier Martín (Vice President)

María Luisa Blázquez

Ladislao Azcona (Personal representative of the director Double A Promociones S.A.)

Ramón Betolaza

Leonardo Sánchez-Heredero

Javier Sánchez

Elena García Becerril (Personal representative of the director Servicios Inmobiliarios Avilés, S.L.U.)

Rafael Suñol

Iñaki Torres

Jose María Vallejo

José Luis Pérez del Pulgar (Non-director secretary)

Juan Ignacio Peinado (Non-director Vice Secretary)