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AIRTIFICIAL is a leading international company in intelligent structures and collaborative robotics. It has decades of experience in the field of engineering and automated and robotic systems applied to various sectors that match its business areas.

AIRTIFICIAL was created from the beginning to help human beings to get integrated with the technologies that are developed. The Darwinian concept of selective pressure by which only the species adapting to external agents that modify the environment are the ones that survive, is the concept that AIRTIFICIAL adopts to put itself at the service of men and women.

For this, one of the main axes that run through the 4 business areas is Artificial Intelligence. As the name of the company itself, the development of autonomous technologies and structures, the machine learning frame, and everything that this new category of advances can bring to the human being in the different areas and sectors, becomes the hallmark of AIRTIFICIAL.

Through its presence in more than 10 countries and its 1200 employees, AIRTIFICIAL works for the main manufacturers of each sector, and is at the forefront of pioneering projects thanks to its technological level and its own developments.