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Rafael Contreras

Founder and President of AIRTIFICIAL, he has a PhD in Social Sciences from the University of Cadiz, an economist from the same University, and an Executive in Management & Leadership from MIT.

For 20 years he has founded and promoted technology-based companies in different sectors such as CARBURES, of which he was President until the birth of Airtificial, or Bionaturis biotechnology, of which he was Director for 12 years. In 2014 he refounded Torrot, turning the legendary brand into electric and sustainable vehicles. In 2016 he integrates Torrot into MUVING, a mobility ecosystem present in more than 50 countries, of which he is founder and President. In the same year, with the dean of Silicon Valley, Western Technologies refounded Skully, in which as President he managed to bring to the market in 2018 the world’s first intelligent augmented reality helmet.

He has received numerous awards including the Most International Minded European Small and Midcap Award granted to Carbures by the European Community, and the Muving Award as the most innovative Start up of the year 2017, granted by OMEXPO.

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Borja Martínez-Laredo
Chief Executive Officer

Bachelor of Economics and Business Administration from the Complutense University of Madrid, Executive MBA from the Instituto de Empresa Business School (IE) and General Management Program (PDG) from the IESE Business School, Martínez-Laredo has more than twenty years of work experience in the financial and business sectors. In addition to director of UBS, throughout his professional career, Martínez-Laredo has served as Director of Great Patrimonies and Institutions in Capital at Work, an asset manager now called Value Tree, and as Director of CCS (related company to the management of sanitary material).

In 2015, he was appointed by UBS Key Talent and in 2016 a member of the Circle of Excellence, an award granted by the Swiss bank UBS to top performers worldwide.

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Javier Martín

Telecommunications Engineer (1989). IESE Business Management Program (1997).
Independent director of Adveo Group International SA, Managing Director of Metrocall SA, Member of the Advisory Board of Álvarez&Marsal. Member of the Advisory Committee of the Spanish Consultancy Association. Member of the Board of Directors of Ametic. Member of the ‘Steering Committee’ of Digital Europe.

Previously held the following positions: CEO and Corporate Vice President of Telindus Spain and CEO of Tecnocom.

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Javier Sánchez

President of the Confederation of Businessmen of Cadiz, Territorial Vice-President of the Confederation of Businessmen of Andalusia and President of the Chamber of Commerce of Jerez, Javier Sanchez Rojas has more than thirty years of work experience as a businessman in various sectors. With a degree in Labour Sciences from the University of Granada, Industrial Relations from the University of Alcalá de Henares and a Senior Management Programme from the San Telmo International Institute, he has received several awards in recognition of his professional work carried out in defence of business interests. His extensive experience and dedication have allowed him to participate in successful negotiations with different administrations, as well as with Trade Unions.

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José María Vallejo

Mr. Vallejo is State Inspector of Finance and Corporate Director of Taxes of the BBVA Group with extensive professional experience in the public sector, especially in the field of the Ministry of Economy and Finance, where he held several positions, such as that of deputy general manager of International Fiscal Affairs, and permanent representation of Spain before the European Union, depending on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Among other positions, he was also responsible partner of Community Law of KPMG Abogados.

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Iñaki Torres

He holds a degree in Journalism from the Complutense University of Madrid and has also studied Law and Business Administration. He was Director of Diario 16 following the acquisition of this medium by Grupo Voz. Previously, he had worked in the magazine Tiempo, where he went from being editor of Closure to Secretary General of Writing. In 1998, he joined the Communication Department as Director and, between 1999 and 2000, he was the General Director of Estudio de Comunicación Argentina, based in Buenos Aires.

Strategic Communications Consultant, has participated in corporate cases related to sensitive processes for companies such as takeovers, acquisitions, mergers, crisis situations, public offerings of sales and restructuring in countries such as Spain, United Kingdom, Argentina, Mexico and Brazil. He has developed Internal and External Communication Plans, as well as Crisis Plans for large financial entities, companies in the energy industry and other industrial corporations in Spain and Latin America.

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Ramón Betolaza

Ramón Betolaza has 18 years of experience in investing in special risk situations and in the rescue and stabilization of companies through different cycles in Europe, the US and Asia. He was a partner at the beginning of MatlinPatterson Global Advisers in New York, created in 2002 through the spin-off of Credit Suisse Distressed Securities Group.

Bachelor in Economics and Financial Management from the Commercial University of Deusto and Master Summa cum laude from the IE – Instituto de Empresa Business School, where he currently participates in the IE International Advisory Board and is a member of the Advisory Board of the IE Fund. He has extensive experience as a member of the Board of Directors in listed and unlisted companies and is currently a member of the Board of several companies.

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Rafael Suñol

Rafael Suñol holds a degree in Economics from the University of Barcelona, a master’s degree from ESADE Business School and a master’s degree in business administration and management from IESE Business School and the University of Navarra. He has an extensive professional career and extensive experience in the automotive sector. After serving as Deputy Director General of Financial Services GDS at La Caixa (now CaixaBank), President of Banco de Crédito Industrial and CEO of Banco de Fomento, he has held senior positions in organizations such as PSA Peugeot Citroën España, Fecsa (Endesa), Ericsson, REE, Dalkia and Mémora.

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Juan Francisco Lazcano

Born in Madrid in 1945. Civil Engineer (ETS Madrid, 1972). President of the National Confederation of Construction (CNC). Member of the Executive Committee of the Spanish Confederation of Business Organisations (CEOE). President of the Spanish Road Association (AEC).

Previously he held the following positions: Deputy Director General of Construction of the Ministry of Public Works, Director General of Public Works of Castilla y León, Director General of Roads of the Ministry of Development.


María Luisa Blázquez de la Hera

Born in Cartagena in 1968. PhD in Economics and Business Administration from Universidad Pontificia Comillas (2010), MBA from MIT (1997) and Bachelor in Law and Economics and Business Sciences from Universidad Pontificia Comillas, E-3 (1991 and 1992) ). Researcher at the International Center for Competitiveness of IESE and Professor of Strategy at the European Foundation for Cluster Excellence, ICADE Business School and the Universidad Pontificia Comillas.

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Leonardo Sánchez-Heredero

Born in Toledo in 1951.
Businessman in the real estate sector and public and socio-health services. Former counselor and former vice president of Tecnocom.



María Elena García

Born in 1967. Technician in Business Administration and Management from ICADE-MADRID; Master’s Degree in Labor Consultancy; Master in Tax Law and Tax Advice; Superior Technician in Prevention of Occupational Risks, specialty Ergonomics and Labor Psychology. He currently holds senior management positions at Grupo Melca. He is also an entrepreneur and has recently launched the first shoe factory in Asturias.

Personal representative of the director Servicios Inmobiliarios Avilés, S.L.U.


Santiago Varela

Born in Madrid in 1968. Degree in Economics and Business Administration from the Complutense University of Madrid.Specialty Monetary Economy and Public Sector. Independent Director of Autovía del Camino S.A. Founding member and patron of the Fundación Sembrando Salud, NGO for the fight against tropical diseases in the Amazon River area in Brazil.

He has previously held the following positions: Chief Executive Officer of Isolux Infrastructure Netherlands B.V.and Managing Director of Cointer, S.A.

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Ladislao Azcona

Journalist. From 1969 to 1983, Editor-in-Chief and Director of News Agencies, News in National Radio and Spanish Television. In 1983, Azcona abandoned Media journalism and focused his activity in the field of Communication and business management.

In the Communication sector, he is a founding member and president of ESTUDIO DE COMUNICACIÓN.

In addition, he was Executive President of TECNOCOM, Director of INYPSA, as well as of other companies. He is also President of the Social Council of the University of Oviedo and has served on the boards of ARCO, Museo de Canarias and Museo de Arte Reina Sofía. He currently presides over the Azcona Foundation dedicated to the dissemination of Spanish art and artists and is President of the Securities Society TRESSIS which manages more than 4,000 million euros.

Personal representative of the director Double A Promociones S.A.

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Enrique Sanz

Mr. Sanz joined Black Toro Capital in December 2017 as Operating Portfolio Manager. Over the last 25 years he has been in the management of business groups and complex business situations (corporate restructuring, post acquisitions and crisis management). Recently, he was leading in Accenture the transformation and digitalization of the Infrastructure sector. Most of his professional career has been in the FCC Citizen Services Group where he held several responsibilities as CFO of a major infrastructure group (with 3+ billion euro turnover and operation in more than 25 countries), Business Development Director in Spain, UK, US, and Ireland and Special Projects Director in Corporate Finance. He has extensive board experience in Spain, Austria and Canada. Enrique has a PDG in IESE Business School and a degree in Business Administration from the Universidad Complutense of Madrid.

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José Luis Pérez del Pulgar

Non-director Secretary of the Board of Directors.

Born in Granada in 1951. Graduate in Law, 1975.
Practising lawyer since 1976.

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Juan Ignacio Peinado

Vice Secretary non-director of the Board of Directors

Mr. Peinado holds a degree in Law from the University of Malaga, a Doctorate in Law from the University of Jaén and has been a Professor of Commercial Law since 2003.

Author of more than one hundred scientific works published in Germany, Spain, Italy, United Kingdom and USA, Mr. Peinado was Dean of the Faculty of Social and Legal Sciences of the University of Jaén and has dedicated a large part of his professional career as Partner Director of the Department of Commercial Law of the firm Cremades & Calvo-Sotelo (2004-2012). He has also been professor at the Universities of Malaga (1991-1992; 2007-present), Granada (1992-1993) and Jaén (1993-2007) and director of the listed companies EZENTIS (2011-2012) and Vértice 360, (20012-2016), the latter having also been Secretary of the Board.

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Don Ignacio Luis Torres Prada
Don Juan Francisco Lazcano Acedo
Don Javier Sánchez Rojas
Don Rafael Suñol Trepat


Doña María Luisa Blázquez de la Hera
Don Javier Sánchez Rojas
Don Rafael Suñol Trepat
Don José María Vallejo Chamorro
Don Santiago Varela Ullastres

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