Airtificial rises up high with the flying car

Airtificial positions itself at the vanguard of the future mobility. The company, expert in artificial intelligence, attended one of the major events of the automotive sector, the Geneva Motor Show, where the Dutch company Personal Air and Land Vehicle (PAL-V) shew its flying car. Airtificial has signed a Letter of Intentions for the development of the studies on composites manufacturing engineering for the mentioned flying car.

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Airtificial and Hyperloop, agreements for a tube

Airtificial has signed a contract for 19.9 million euros with Hyperloop TT for manufacturing, once finished the analysis of the prototype installed in Toulouse and also manufactured by Airtificial, five kilometers of tube through which the capsule of Hyperloop will circulate. With this agreement, four agreements have been signed between both strategic partners for the manufacture of two capsules, two models of capsules and two tubes.

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Aibell, a 4.0 Opening bell ringing

She turned, picked up the bell rope with its metal clamps and moved it briskly, making it ring loudly. Aibell, one of our intelligent robots (who normally works in an assembly line of airplane parts in an Airbus factory) had the privilege of accompanying our president and founder, Rafael Contreras, at the bell ringing of the new Company at the Madrid Stock Exchange last Monday. The image was shocking. On the one hand, the palace of the Stock Exchange of Madrid, a historic Madrid building with 140 years of tradition. On the other hand, a collaborative robots with cameras for eyes and metal arms. It was the first time that a robot rings the bell in the history of the Madrid Stock Exchange. Thus, making a practical demonstration of its technological capacity, Airtificial released its ticker (AI) on Monday in the continuous market.

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