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Airtificial will manufacture five kilometers of tube for Hyperloop Tranportation Technologies

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12/Dec/2018 | Noticia

  • The only Spanish company listed on the stock market dedicated to artificial intelligence has signed a new agreement with HyperloopTT for the manufacture and assembly of a five-kilometre-long, four-metre-diameter section of tube through which capsules will run.
  • Airtificial will manufacture the tube at the request of HyperloopTT, once the analysis phase of the prototype is completed and for a total value of 19.9 million euros.
  • With these, Airtificial has signed four agreements with HyperloopTT, reinforcing its position as a strategic partner of the American technology company for the manufacturing process and commissioning of the high speed transporatation system of the future.

Madrid December 3rd, 2018. Airtificial signs a new manufacturing agreement with Hyperloop Transportation Technologies (HTT). The only Spanish company listed on the stock market dedicated to artificial intelligence is strengthened as a strategic partner of the United States based HTT . Airtificial has 19.9 million euro contract with HyperloopTT for the manufacture, once the analysis of the prototype installed in Toulouse and also manufactured by Airtificial has ended, of five kilometres of tube through which hyperloop capsules will run. With this, four agreements have been signed between both strategic partners for the manufacture of two capsules, two mock-ups of capsules and two tubes.

On October 2nd, Airtificial and HTT carried out the world presentation of the first full-size passenger hyperloopcapsule at the Tecnobahía factory, El Puerto de Santa María, Cádiz. In addition, Airtificial signed a contract for the design and manufacture of a 630- meter tube that is in the process of being prepared.

Airtificial and Hyperloop have signed an agreement (wpa, working package agreement) whereby the American technology undertakes to commission Airtificial to manufacture and assemble the pilot section of the tube through which the capsules will travel, which will be much longer than the first (prototype): 5 kilometers. Airtificial’s Civil Works division, expert in the design, calculation, engineering and manufacture of sensorized structures made with composite materials, is in charge of manufacturing the second prototype of the tube, with a diameter of four metres and a thickness of 32 millimetres, worth almost €20 million.

This division of the Company stands out for providing technological solutions made of carbon fiber or other composite material in works that require specialized and complex work. Thus, Airtificial has extensive and successful experience in engineering projects for oil pipelines in Mexico, for its oil company Pemex, and in other projects such as the Dukes of Alba, composite pillars used as supports for a pioneering expansion of the port of Rosario, in the Canary Islands; or the construction of a carbon fiber roof for the Norman Foster Foundation in Madrid. It also has extensive complementary experience in the use of pipelines, water engineering and hydraulic infrastructures with projects for drinking water systems and aqueducts in Spain, the Dominican Republic, Bolivia, Peru and El Salvador.

The tube will be, an ‘intelligent’ structure.

Airtificial is going to equip the five kilometers of tube with sensors that will allow to measure any anomaly during the use and the passage of traffic. For example, among other parameters, it will give information on whether the tube has suffered a deformation, the level of stress registered in curves or in other critical points, if there are variations of internal pressure, as well as other parameters of the structure. This information will be sent, collected and analyzed in real time by a database which will allow to react in a preventive way, increasing the safety of this means of transport.

On the other hand, Airtificial is already working on the manufacture, painting, sensorization and assembly of a second capsule for Hyperloop. The measurements will be the same as for the first: it is 32 metres long, 2.7 metres in diameter and weighs five tonnes. The inner cabin of the capsule measures 15 metres and has a capacity of between 28 and 40 passengers. It is made of 85 percent carbon fiber and 15 percent aluminum frame. Airtificial builds it with a double skin and a total surface of 7,200 square meters of carbon fiber. Like the tube through which it will circulate, the capsule is also an intelligent structure because it is equipped with 72 sensors capable of transmitting, in real time, information to a central data system, and thus monitor the dynamic and structural behavior of the capsule at all times.

In addition, Airtificial manufactures two models of the front, the « nose », of the Hyperloop capsule. Each of them is five meters long and will be manufactured, assembled and delivered over the next year.

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