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Airtificial presents positive results in its first exercise

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28/Feb/2019 | Noticia

  • Airtificial achieves a net profit of 1.1 million, revenues of 43.7 million and EBITDA of 5.3 million (12% of revenues) in its first fiscal year, 2018.
  • The Company therefore has a solid financial structure, which serves as a platform to drive its growth. In this sense, it has an order book of more than 180 million, generating a great deal of visibility for revenues in the coming years.
  • Following the ringing of the bell on 27 November, the technology company specialising in collaborative robotics and sensory structures has managed to increase the share price by 25 percent. The market for collaborative robots is currently €625 M and is expected to exceed €10,822 M in 2025..

Madrid, 28 February 2019. Artificial concludes its first fiscal year with positive results and a reinforced financial structure that serves as a platform to drive its growth. The technology company specialising in collaborative robotics and intelligent structures has achieved a net profit of 1.1 million euros, revenues of 43.7 million euros and EBITDA of 5.3 million euros, 12 percent of its turnover. Airtificial has seen its share revalue 25 percent since its collaborative robot Aibell rang the bell in the continuous market on the Madrid Stock Exchange last November.

Airtificial has an order book worth more than 180 million euros for the period 2019-2023. years. The market for collaborative robots already has a turnover of 625 million euros and is expected to evolve to exceed 10,822 million euros in 2025. To this should be added the markets in which it is also present, such as sensorized structures or aerospace.

The president of Airtificial, Rafael Contreras, affirms: “The results of Airtificial de 2018 are a clear reflection of the good situation in which the Company finds itself to make the next leap as a world technological reference in collaborative robotics and intelligent structures. We are stronger and we are willing to give an impulse to our growth“.

In addition, Airtificial has managed to strengthen its balance sheet reaching a net worth of 123.3 million euros and a working capital of 19 million euros, which allows it to guarantee the financing of its growth projects in the short and medium term.

The Company’s CEO, Borja Martínez-Laredo, states: “We are very satisfied with the results achieved in the Company’s first fiscal year, which strengthens the ability of customers to assign new and relevant contracts. In addition, we continue to generate growth as a company and, therefore, value for our shareholders.”

Commitment to society and environmental sustainability

At present, Airtificial has 1,000 professionals on its staff, half of whom are dedicated to tasks related to design and engineering. It is a global company diversified sectorially and geographically, with operational presence in 14 countries of three countries

Airtificial in intelligent structures and collaborative robotics; in the three lines of business: Inteligent Robots, Aerospace & Defense and Civil Works, which have complemented each other perfectly and have materialized in crossed commercial opportunities after the integration of both companies. One of the priorities in the management of Airtificial has to do with its determined commitment, as it appears in its social object, in the cooperation between human beings and technology through its knowledge in composite materials, collaborative robotics, sensorized structures and artificial intelligence. It is a company with a clear commitment to society and environmental sustainability.

On January 22nd, Airtificial sent the Hyperloop ultra-fast train capsule, one of its most recognized projects, to the company’s research and development centre in Toulouse (France) to carry out the final tests of a unique prototype possibly called to revolutionize this mode of passenger transport. Hyperloop has been built with aerospace technology and applied engineering. The capsule is made of 85% carbon fibre, has a double structure to ensure watertightness, and 15% aluminium.

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