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Airtificial signs a new civil works contract in Colombia

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14/Jun/2019 | Blog

Airtificial applies water engineering development in Colombia. The Company has signed a new contract for one million euros with the Giratdot Master Plan Consortium, for the preparation of studies and design of the master plan for sewerage, in an execution period of 12 months. The project consists of updating the Sewer Master Plan and designing the new Wastewater Treatment Plant for a population of 348,000 inhabitants and an average treatment flow of 938 litres per second for the city of Girardot, in the Department of Cundinamarca, Colombia.

The Civil Works division is going to apply its development in water engineering for the preparation of the Master Plan for Sewerage. With this project, the city will reach 100 percent coverage of the sewerage network and 25 discharge points will be eliminated; 15 to the Bogotá River and 10 to the Magdalena River, allowing compliance with the Sanitation and Discharge Management Plan PSMV, approved by the Regional Autonomous Corporation of Cundinamarca (CAR) that will allow the environmental recovery of the Bogotá River and its tributaries.

The Civil Works business unit already has extensive and successful experience in engineering projects for oil pipelines in Mexico, for its Pemex oil company, and in other projects such as the Dukes of Alba, composite pillars used as supports for a pioneering expansion of the Rosario port in the Canary Islands; or the construction of a carbon fiber cover for the Norman Foster Foundation in Madrid. It also has extensive complementary experience in the use of pipelines, water engineering and hydraulic infrastructures with projects for drinking water systems and aqueducts in Spain, the Dominican Republic, Bolivia, Peru and El Salvador.

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