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Airtificial will develop a robotic solution to produce the tail cones of the A350 XWB

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17/Dec/2019 | Noticia

  • Airtificial has signed a new contract with Airbus for the development of a robotic cell for the tail cone of the Airbus A350 XWB that will later be delivered and installed at the Airbus plant operating in Getafe.
  • This new contract represents a qualitative and quantitative leap for the Company as the only Tier 2 with the industrial capacity for the design and manufacture of collaborative robotics and intelligent structures in the aeronautics sector.

Madrid, December 17th, 2019. Airtificial and Airbus have taken a further step in their relationship. To the design, engineering and manufacture of aircraft parts, Airtificial now adds the production of intelligent technology for the manufacturing processes and assembly of parts in plant. Thus, both companies have signed a contract whereby Airtificial will develop and integrate a robotic cell for the automation of the preparation of cutting tools and temporary pins used during the manufacturing process of the tail cone of the Airbus A350 XWB at the Airbus facilities in Getafe.

This new contract represents a qualitative and quantitative leap for the Company as the preferred supplier in offering robotic solutions with future technology for Airbus.

This is a highly complex technical project that covers several technologies, including: synchronization of robotic arms, processing by artificial vision, automatic dispenser, automatic interactions with measurement equipment and automation of all these processes that until now were performed manually or semi-automatically. This new robotic cell will enable Airbus to save costs and improve the quality of its manufacturing processes. In addition, automation increases the level of process safety, as this robotic cell will include all the necessary safety elements to enable safe operation of the cell by personnel.

“This robot is an industrial technological milestone in the aerospace sector because it optimizes the manufacturing processes of an aircraft structural part. The business unit of Airtificial Aerospace & Defense is positioned at the forefront of technology with its own developments that provide specific solutions for the aerospace sector. We continue to gain presence and contracts in an industry like collaborative robotics with a potential for exponential growth in the short term,” says Airtificial’s president, Rafael Contreras.

Airtificial is a company with experience and levels of technological-industrial quality demonstrated in the most demanding sector, aerospace. This rigour in its engineering and manufacturing methodology places it as a benchmark in artificial intelligence throughout the world.

Contact: Almudena Estéban

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