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AIRTIFICIAL is here, a new Company leader in collaborative robotics and the development of intelligent structures, which will improve the application of Artificial Intelligence and technology at the service of people.

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Here you will find the most important Press Releases about the Company, about our industrial activity, new developments in engineering and the latest news about the sectors in which we operate.

Airtificial will manufacture five kilometers of tube for Hyperloop Tranportation Technologies

Madrid December 3rd, 2018. Airtificial signs a new manufacturing agreement with Hyperloop Transportation Technologies (HTT). The only Spanish company listed on the stock market dedicated to artificial intelligence is strengthened as a strategic partner of the United States based HTT . Airtificial has 19.9 million euro contract with HyperloopTT for the manufacture, once the analysis of the prototype installed in Toulouse and also manufactured by Airtificial has ended, of five kilometres of tube through which hyperloop capsules will run. With this, four agreements have been signed between both strategic partners for the manufacture of two capsules, two mock-ups of capsules and two tubes.

Airtificial manufactures the fairing for the in-flight refuelling ‘pole’ and cabin parts for Airbus.

Madrid, 7 December 2018. Airtificial continues taking height and adds two new contracts with Airbus. The only Spanish artificial intelligence technology company listed on the continuum has signed two new contracts with Airbus for the manufacture of a complex in-flight refuelling part for the A330MRTT aircraft as well as structural parts for the cockpit of the C295 model. The contracts have a term that is linked to the useful life of the aircraft themselves, which, on average, is about 25 years. These two new contracts represent a qualitative and quantitative leap for the Company as the preferred supplier of parts and structures in composite materials for the world’s aeronautical giant.

Airtificial’s robot rings the bell in Madrid Stock Exchange

Madrid, 26 November 2018. Aibell, the robot of Airtificial, has starred today, in the Madrid Stock Exchange, the act of ringing the bell of the Company. This is the first time that an automaton has carried out this action on the Spanish Stock Exchange. Inypsa changes its name and, after concluding its merger process by absorption of Carbures, it is now called Airtificial and listed with a new ticker: AI. Airtificial has a free float of around 40 percent. The company needed a name that recognized its new positioning as a technological company of artificial intelligence with adn of industry 4.0, based on collaborative robots, sensorized structures and the respective developments of applied engineering.

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AIRTIFICIAL, with headquarter in Spain and international presence. We have plants and/or engineering offices in Spain, France, Germany, Poland, Mexico, USA and China.